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Here you get QEMU related documention and binaries for 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows. They are generated from my latest QEMU sources and updated frequently. See the build instructions for details.

QEMU for Windows is experimental software and might contain even serious bugs, so use the binaries at your own risk.


2015-04-13: New QEMU installers (2.3.0-rc3).

2015-04-02: New QEMU installers (2.3.0-rc2).

2015-03-21: New QEMU installers (2.3.0-rc0).

2014-12-10: New QEMU installers (2.2.0).

2014-12-05: New QEMU installers (2.2.0-rc5).

2014-12-01: New QEMU installers (2.2.0-rc4).

2014-11-26: New QEMU installers (2.2.0-rc3).

2014-11-20: New QEMU installers (2.2.0-rc2).

2014-11-12: New QEMU installers (2.2.0-rc1).

2014-11-07: New QEMU installers (2.2.0-rc0).

2014-08-01: New QEMU installers (2.1.0).

2014-07-29: New QEMU installers (2.1.0-rc4).

2014-07-22: New QEMU installers (2.1.0-rc3).

2014-07-15: New QEMU installers (2.1.0-rc2). Fixed ARM system emulation.

2014-07-09: All ARM system emulations of QEMU for Windows are broken since October 2012 (commit d8cdd46def3aa970560932536db40e6e747bf809).

2014-07-08: New QEMU installers (2.1.0-rc1).

2014-07-02: New QEMU installers (2.1.0-rc0).

2014-05-29: New QEMU installers. Fixed 64 bit version.

2014-05-28: All 64 bit versions of QEMU for Windows are broken since end of August 2013.

2014-05-17: New QEMU installers. Fixed broken disk I/O. Added missing DLL. Now uses GTK+ 3.0 for 64 bit version.

2014-05-10: New QEMU installers. Much faster thanks to fixed g_poll. Known problem: Disk I/O is broken.

2014-04-18: New QEMU installers (2.0.0).

2014-04-14: New QEMU installers (2.0.0-rc3).

2014-04-09: New QEMU installers (2.0.0-rc2).

2014-04-04: New QEMU installers (2.0.0-rc1). Fixed missing dll.

2014-03-14: New QEMU installers (2.0.0-rc0). Known problem: libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll is missing.

2014-03-02: New QEMU installers. Known problem: libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll is missing.

2014-02-06: New QEMU installers.

2014-01-18: New QEMU installers.

2013-11-28: New QEMU installers (1.7.0).

2013-11-26: New QEMU installers (1.7.0-rc2).

2013-11-21: New QEMU installers (1.7.0-rc1). Removed compiler option -fstack-protector-all. This reduces the code size and might improve the performance a little bit.

2013-11-18: New QEMU installers (1.7.0-rc0). The system emulations now support curses. Keyboard input in GTK should be fixed.

2013-08-17: New QEMU installers. Added experimental system emulation for Raspberry Pi (based on code from Gregory Estrade).

2013-06-16: New QEMU (1.5.50) installers. Known bugs: \\.\PhysicalDrive0 does not work.

2012-12-04: New QEMU ( installers.

2012-11-25: New QEMU ( installers (32 and 64 bit).

2011-11-19: New QEMU ( installer.

2011-03-13: New QEMU ( installer (32 bit only).

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